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Digital marketing levels the playing field for all businesses, small or large ones. Competition is much more closer because of digital marketing.

Now if you haven’t tried using digital platform for your business and you solely rely on the much conservative  and traditional ones, then you are missing a lot of potential for your business.

Social media is also very big nowadays. Using Social Media Marketing tools is beginning to be the norm.

Here is  a small list of tools you can use for your digital marketing campaign and yes I use it for my online marketing campaigns, especially for my social media ones.

If you have a website or at least an online presence, I know you might be using Google Analytics now or maybe Hootsuite for your social media, but I guess you have not taken advantage of the following:

Social media Marketing Tools

Social Media Marketing Tools

  1. LikeAlyzer – Facebook grew and is continually growing very fast. You might be in a difficult position to keep up with all the developments. LikeAlyzer does a very quick rundown and a free evaluation of your Facebook page and at the same time give your page a grade so that you will know what and how to improve your page’s performance.
  2. Facebook Audience Insights – market research and finding content that converts is a cinch. There are a lot of options that you can use. Viewing demographics is a breeze.
  3. 3. Social Mention – one of the keys to a successful online media campaign is knowing what is going on in your industry and then creating content that is in consonant to what is going on which make people want to engage with.
  4. Social Rack – understanding your Twitter and Instagram followers is easy with this tool. If you understand your audience it will be easier to create content that will make them engage your social media account and thereby make it very relevant to your business.
  5. Google Alerts – free and versatile tool that allows you to discover which social sites are driving traffic and conversions.
  6. 6. Buffer–  tracking follower activity will tell you what is the best times to post, it also offers free image tool. The tool is user-friendly.
  7. Click To Tweet– Provides a link so readers can easily tweet a quote direct from your content, encouraging higher engagement. Simple to use and provides tracking and analytics.
  8. Spruce– Tweets with images are more likely to get noticed, it is also said proven that it gets 150% more retweets. Spruce will healp you create tweets with great images and text overlaid.

Here is a nice video about a powerful tool for your online marketing needs.

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My Digital Social Marketing Tools for Small Business

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