Learn How To Rank Higher in Local Search for 2017

If you want to lead the pack in having to dominate local search in 2017, then you need to use to your advantage proven local search strategies.

We all know, especially those who are doing SEO that it is constantly changing. Algorithms and standard practices are evolving constantly that if you rest and refuse to innovate and change you will be left out by the competition. Search engine Optimization is not for the impatient and softhearted.

Shops and businesses found locally are constantly trying to best one another in the local search rankings. They are constantly devising plans and strategies to promote their business online and at the same time have their presence felt especially in the search ranking results. It is always a staple for all their online marketing strategies.

Here are some tactics in doing Local SEO that will be very effective in 2017.

search engine optimizationGoogle is the dominant search engine today. People who search for information, services and businesses mostly use Google, almost 80% of searchers do use them. If Google has an update, then definitely there will be an impact on how to handle local SEO or in general for that matter.

Lately, there are few fundamental changes in the ranking factors for Google. With that in mind, proven strategies and tactics can be used effectively in every local SEO campaigns.

Take advantage of Local Schema Markup

Search engines will easily know what your website is all about if you have a structured data markups or easily called schema markups. It is usually added to HTML micro data on your web pages.

It is commonly known in the SEO world that correctly using schema markups can further elevate your website against those who are not using it.

Google has this free service called Structured Data testing Tool. You might want to take advantage of it.

Improve your Google My Business

It is imperative that you have your business listed in Google My Business. If you already have you need to optimize it so it can give it full potential of having your business show up on search results.

A Gybo study has shown that a local business with a complete listing at Google My  Business has 30% more chances of having a visitor purchase from it or even has higher chances of having to be visited online.

Having many good reviews and preferably 5 star ratings showing on your business’ Google My Business page would be great for your website and business.

Your Google My Business should be verified in order to show up nicely.

Campaign for more good customer reviews

Search engines, especially Google has given a lot of good ranking juice to customer reviews. If you have nice good customer reviews and 5 stars rating will essentially give you a bigger chance of having your business listed in the Local Three pack of business listing for Google.

Having a good reviews on sites that matters are a must and an advantage. It is a must in search engine optimization.

It is also a no no for you to write your own review but you can make moves and influence what people would be saying about your business and eventually have more people trust your business based on what they read about your service and product.

Regular publishing of locally focused content

Content is king for Google. They pride themselves in giving search results and suggestions to searchers that can really give them good information about the topic or industry they are interested.

Fresh, relevant and useful content published on your website can really make Google take notice and eventually give you more ranking juice.

Do not forget to have it optimized with local keywords, which can be an indication to web crawlers and bots what the content is all about.

Your should have mobile friendly and mobile optimized website

Search engines love websites that load faster both on desktop browsers and most especially on mobile devices. This is one of their main thing for one of their ranking factors, User experience.

So if you have a website that doesn’t makes visitors wait long before it loads, then you are one step ahead of the competition.

You can do this by doing the following:

  1. Minify HTML, Javascript and CSS.
  2. Remove any unused applications or plug ins in your website.
  3. Minimize you images and put it in the right format.
  4. Activate Gzip compression and browser cache.
Have a complete Business listing and manage it well.

Having your business included in various reputable directories and listing sites will be very beneficial to your website and business.

Although it is time consuming, difficult and tedious, the benefits of having your business listed is a right thing to do, Search Engine Optimization wise.

Business listing and local citation can elevate your website and business to a much higher level compared to your competitors. Those two are very important to Google’s search ranking algorithms.

All of the above mentioned tactics have the potential of helping your business and website rank higher in local search results if done right.

There are tons of information in the net right now that you can get more information. I would suggest you take advantage of it and rank your website higher in local search results in the long run.


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