How to Respond to Negative Customer Reviews

Knowing how to respond and connect to your customers, especially if you have negative ones will effectively show the professionalism and commitment of the business to improving your service and experience.

Having a bad review is normal, there would always be someone not so satisfied with the service or goods you are selling. Even big and well known companies have one way or another received bad reviews. They studied and responded properly to those times. It actually made their brand stronger. Reviews are a strong online marketing tool and brand builder.

It is really imperative that your brand manager or online marketing people should really know how to respond to online criticisms and reviews.

Respond to Negative Customer Reviews in a Way that will turn around the negative reviewer to a positive one.

First, decide on who will be responsible for all review related matters, may it be negative or positive.

The most ideal one would be someone you can trust to give a proper response which is both emphatic and prompt. He or she should be able to present a sincere apology. Remember not to be so aggressive and he should be knowledgeable enough about the business so he can respond intelligently and properly.

Monitoring online reviews is fulltime task.

Those who will be in charge of the should also be adept and aware of all the guidelines from different review sites and platform. Being unaware of some prohibited or against the rules practices is a big no no and is really frowned upon.

online Customer ReviewsBe always prepared and anticipate any kind of reviews.

It is wise to practice and write down possible scenarios and responses. In this way, you can really be prepared and the response time would be faster after receiving the review.

The response would also be more professional and proper since you have more time to think about it and rewrite if possible.

Writing an apology or acknowledgement would be very acceptable and it is more rewarding in the long run. Trust that has been lost can be easily recovered if handled properly.

Responding right and properly to a bad review can positively influence readers and future customers.

A good time line for response time is very important.

Responding fast and right to any bad reviews is essential to a point that it may break your business for a moment. It can also have more far reaching effect if left un attended. New negative reviews will be promptly visible until new reviews come in.

Remember that bad reviews is almost impossible to remove but you can easily manage and negate those by doing the following:

  1. Quickly respond to any reviews with your actions and what can be expected from the business.
  2. Campaign for more good reviews. It is never to late to get more good reviews.

Personal and business are two separate things in terms of reviews.

If there is a client, customer or any person saying bad things about your business, never assume or feel that it is directed to you personally. I know it is quite sensitive and sometimes feelings are hurt, but hey, a bad review for your business is entirely different with someone saying bad things about you personally.

Regardless if it is right or wrong, negative business reviews should not be taken personally. If you do it will only make your response inappropriate and eventually create more damage.

Lastly, here are the four main guide when giving out responses to negative customer reviews online:

  • Response should short, prompt and straight to the point.
  • Addressed directly to address the issue.
  • Don’t forget to apologize about the negative service or experience.
  • Always give a solution or if not possible and improvement to the service or goods.


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