Consumer Review Fairness Act of 2016

Just this December, when everybody is so engrossed with some doomsday idea that Americans are in trouble. Officials in both houses of Congress are up in sleeves trying work something to help protect the rights of consumers to write a true to the bones honest feedback or reviews of businesses, both positive or negative.

The primary proponent is New Jersey Congressman Leonard Vance, who is the vice chairman of the Commerce, manufacturing and Trade Subcommittee. Here is a verbatim and word for word quote of the essence of the law.

“This law is about protecting consumers posting honest feedback online.  Online reviews and ratings are critical in the 21st Century and consumers should be able to post, comment and tweet their honest and accurate feedback without fear of retribution.  Too many companies are burying non-disparagement clauses in fine print and going after consumers when they post negative feedback online.  This will now end.”

Why is it Important that we have a Consumer Review Fairness Act?

If you have been reading the fine prints of terms and conditions of websites of businesses, you will realize that there are some non-disparagement clauses that is meant to prohibit you from writing bad reviews about their business in social media or any review sites. You can be held liable if you agree to the terms and later on break it not knowing that you already did.

Consumer Review Fairness Act of 2016

In a simpler explanation, you can be charge and maybe facing a lawsuit by just simply writing your experience and review about a real bad service from a car paint job, regardless if the bad paint job is true. It doesn’t look good, right?

Now this Act is primarily written to counter just that. You will be protected from penalties or fines for just writing your honest opinion or true experience.

The Consumer Review Fairness Act of 2016 was first introduced last April and was passed last September in the House and later on in the Senate last week of November. The President of the United Sates will now need to act on it.

Will the Consumer Review Fairness Act affect your business?

Unless you are a business that thrive on having fake good reviews even though you have bad service and or product, or you make money by suing customers who make bad reviews, then you are fine. Actually it would be very good for businesses great customer services and products.

The bottom line is that this Act voids all non-disparagement clauses in contract and terms and conditions.

Some review sites have already instituted measure to avoid being the ones in between. Yelp has already started issuing Consumer Alerts above the folds of business listings which have questionable practices of suing clients and customers for bad reviews.

It is a good plan to build a genuine 5 Star Review Reputation

If you have very good 5 star reviews which are given by real happy customers then their value are now more higher. It wiser to really invest in having a good reputation management plan. The effects might not be felt immediately but in the long run the benefits will be very rewarding.

An honest and true 5 Star Review is worth more than a couple of singles sales of a bad service or product, knowing those customers won’t go back but a great 5 Star Review will attract a steady stream of happy customers.

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